About Us

Good customer service is the first key to any successful business. Although the Parker Web team has an extensive set of technical capabilities, it understands the first objective is to provide a good customer experience.

Darryl Parker founded Parker Web in its current form in 2002 primarily as a web design shop. In late 2008, the company had such a high retention of clients and had developed significant systems in helping support those clients that the decision was made to make website maintenance the focus of the company. By 2012, the majority of services provided by Parker Web were website maintenance services with small business clients.

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that I couldn’t be happier with the service we are getting from Parker Web. Amanda is unbelievable to work with – fast, knowledgable, effective and responsive. I am truly glad that we decided to use you for our web maintenance firm.” – Jennifer


Mission Statement

Parker Web’s mission is to provide the best possible service experience to our website maintenance customers.

We Are Real People

Most of Parker Web’s team members are a blend of all US-based full-time and contingent staffing. We’ve got over a decade of experience in working with small businesses just like yours. We like talking on the phone with you about your website problems and goals. We are very good at helping you get things done on your website.

We Are Vendor Neutral

Another cornerstone of our business is that we will work on nearly any system on which a website can be hosted. We currently support every major content management and ecommerce system.

We Stick to our Tasks

We have specific policies that keep us focused on the task work we provide. We facilitate the completion of larger projects like a website redesign by working with the company that referred you to us or making an appropriate referral to a qualified firm.