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Michelle Salater, Written by Sumer

“I am beyond impressed with the level of service your team provides and your turn around time is amazing. I know that no matter what issue or fix I need for my website, that your team will get the job done quickly and do it right the first time.”

Jim Anderson – American Metal Roofs

“So far, Parker has been there for us 100% – It is amazing to experience the level of service and attention to detail that Parker provides. It really feels like they have our back – and that’s a great feeling!”

Steve Thomson – Sweet Water Logistics

Dr. Diane Stoler

“We are beyond pleased with the help from your team.  The difference in quality and professionalism is a breath of fresh air after 18 months of the awful experience we’ve gone through.  It is truly a pleasure working with you and your team.”

Mekael Shane, Joyce L. Maul Foundation

“Parker Web Services, has been a God-send for my organization. We were searching for an organization that could provide us with elite services, while also helping us to stretch the vision for our websites. Well, they’ve delivered. From the very beginning of our relationship with Parker Web Services, we have been overwhelmed with how amazing their work and customer service is, and as the Founder of my organization, I’d highly recommend them to anyone, actually, I already have.”

David White – Providence Produce

“Don’t waste your time with the hundreds of freelance, time-wasting ‘web guys’ out there. Hire a professional company like Parker Web to handle your needs and build a long term relationship with as you grow your business. These Craigslist, out-of-the-extra-bedroom guys will lead to disaster you don’t need. Your company’s website is incredibly important in today’s market.”

Kaitlin Rogers, The Foundation For Tomorrow

“Thank you for your swift and successful support! We really appreciate it!”

Brian Beavers, Habitat for Humanity – Matthews

“Thank you for always being so responsive to our needs. Our Web presence is top-of-the-line because of Parker Web Services!”

Clark Novak, Telos Systems

“Fixed and out of my hair in 10 minutes.  Now that rocks!”

Matthew Crigger, Compass Career Management Solutions

“You were fantastic in migrating us from our current website vendor provider to our new one in Parker Web. You had to jump through some hurdles as my ex-vendor didn’t really help the migration. You provided a class act, professional service in getting things resolved. Thanks for all your help.”

Kelvin Jervis, Tamarack Cottages

“This has been my first time for you to do work for me after I found your website by surfing the web. Your web site was quite convincing that you would respond and quickly. You did an excellent job and quickly. I am impressed and glad I found you. Thank you. When next I want things done to my web site I will use your service again. Many thanks.”

Lacey Clement – The I’On Club

“We have only been working with your company for a few weeks now, but we are very pleased with the service! You are prompt, informative and communicate perfectly with us “not so tech savvy” people. Your staff and customer service is first class!”

Case Studies

Proactive Web Maintenance: What You Need to Know

Our clients look to us for solutions and see us as partners in their success.

In addition to providing best practices and always looking for new ways to market and grow their business online, our clients also look to us to provide valuable vendor resources that will help them further achieve their goals.

My team and I had a meeting the other day, and came up with a brilliant idea: why keep our favorite vendors to ourselves and to
our clients? Why not share our vendors with our valuable readers.

The first in this series is Parker Web Maintenance.

Before I get into what they do for us (and do so well), let me share a story with you:

My team and I were sponsoring at #ICON14. (See our adorable photo from the event!)

With thousands of leads in front of us, the unthinkable happened. And I mean unthinkable. One little bug brought Sūmèr’s website down. Okay, it was a big bug—someone hacked into the images on our website—and those malicious files brought down the site.

At the worst possible time.

Instead of freaking out, I called Parker Web. Within the hour, they had the site back up and the issue dealt with. I was able to focus on the conversations at my sponsor booth—really be present to what people were asking me. I knew Parker Web would handle it in a timely manner.

I’ve been in the Internet Marketing space for a long, long time. And I’ve never had a company so responsive in handling any website maintenance issue—big or small.

Nowadays, your business website or your landing pages are your crowning glory. They generate leads and bring in cash. Every minute your website is down, you lose money, clients, and potential leads. Not to mention, a downed website looks bad to prospects.

Avoidable website crashes have not only happened to my company, but my clients have also suffered from a number of digital hiccups.

Website bugs, slow script changes, hacking, faulty plug-ins, and 404 pages are preventable. The problem is, too many companies don’t have the support needed to maintain their sites; they have support, but it takes 5 weeks to make changes or get anyone to respond, or, worse, they don’t look for help until the problem is out of control.

Enter Parker Web

About two years ago, I met Darryl Parker, who told me about his website maintenance company, and how they help companies protect their past website investments through active maintenance programs that keep sites fresh and relevant.

With responsive websites as the dominant model, content must be regularly updated.

I’m no stranger to churning out quality, relevant content for Sūmèr and for our clients, but with so many updates necessary to keep my website running, it’s important to have an advocate who handles maintenance.

Parker Web is one of the leading providers of website maintenance and website management services for small- to mid-sized businesses. Parker Web is uniquely designed and tuned to make those little website maintenance requests into exceptional and profitable experiences.

In a blog interview with Darryl, we asked him what trends in website updates he sees as critical for businesses.

Here’s what he said:

“Content management systems, including e-commerce content management systems, are updating their software more frequently to stay ahead of automated exploitation scripts and to stay in compliance with industry standards.  Taking a proactive stance on this type of maintenance is critical to website stability, security, and success.”

As a platform-neutral maintenance provider, Parker Web handles WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, .NET, and the list stretches on and on. So no matter where you host your business website, you’ve got someone saving it from decay or hacks.


Contact us to get started today.

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