Frequently Asked Questions


Are your contractors local?

Yes. All of our contractors are located in the U.S.

I just need this one change/fix, why should I buy a plan?

You may need the one fix or change right now, but a website always needs to be kept up-to-date, regardless of the CMS system or coding that it has. Content on the site should always be fresh. With Parker Web, you can keep your website as professional as you are. With bankable hours on a plan, you may not contact us but every couple of months to make updates – but you have banked hours (up to 12 months) to use.

Does Parker Web provide SEO or Adwords help?

Unfortunately, no, we do not provide SEO/Adwords management. If you have an SEO company that needs us to add tracking code, meta tags, etc. – we can certainly add those items to the site if they are given to us by them or you.


What are the billing dates?

Anniversary date – the day you signed up with Parker Web.

Will you mail a hard-copy invoice?

Unfortunately, we do not. All of our invoices are sent by email only. By doing so, we are helping to save the environment and are able to keep our costs down; thus, saving you money!

Will you auto-draft my bank account for my monthly bill?

No, but we can draft your credit or debit card for your monthly bill.

What are ‘plugin updates’ and why am I being billed for them?

If your site is hosted with us, it is mandatory that your WordPress site’s plugins and core are kept up to date for security purposes. Here’s a good explanation from
Ultimate Guide to Upgrade WordPress

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How do I setup my email?



If you are having trouble with setting up email, one of our support agents would be happy to connect to your computer via a virtual session and setup your email for you. Please email or give us a call at 704-321-2251 to setup a time.

What is the difference between POP and IMAP email?

POP3 and IMAP are two different methods used to access email. Each has its own advantages.

POP3 downloads email from a server to a single computer, then deletes it from the server. So POP3 is most useful if you want to keep all your email on one computer and check emails only on that computer, and not from any other device. After downloading, the original mail is removed from the server and you can’t access it from another computer or device. Depending upon your email client, there usually is an option to keep the copy of mail in inbox which would allow you to check your mail from other devices. But there are other options missing – for example if you send a message from mail client then you won’t find that message under sent items in your mailbox on the server.

The biggest advantage of using IMAP is you can access your mail from multiple mail clients and each client detects the change in real-time. If you are checking and sending email from a computer, tablet and your phone, if a message is deleted on your computer, the change will appear on mail server immediately and also on your phone. In IMAP all messages from mail clients and servers are synced with each other.

IMAP is the better option when you need to check your emails from multiple devices, such as a work laptop, a home computer, or a tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device. Tap into your synced (updated) account from any device with IMAP.

POP3 – Post Office ProtocolIMAP – Internet Messaging Access Protocol
You can use only one computer to check your email (no other devices)You can use multiple computers and devices to check your email
Your mails are stored on the computer that you useYour mails are stored on the server
Sent mail is stored locally on your PC, not on a mail serverSent mail stays on the server so you can see it from any device.

I am traveling – is there a way I can access my email online?

Yes! If you need to check your email and you are not at your computer, you can use webmail. Typically, you would go to and log in with your complete email address and password. This will allow you to access your email from any computer that has an internet connection. Please note that if you delete email when you are using webmail, you will not be able to download it to your computer later, so remember to leave important messages online.

Why was my site hacked?

There is no specific person targeting your site. Hackers create automated bots that go out and look for vulnerabilities in commonly used systems like WordPress. These bots go out to millions of websites looking for unsecured openings. They then exploit those openings and put in links for advertising and also reproduction instructions to start the search process again.

No site is bullet proof. Preventative maintenance by keeping your server security and WordPress systems up to date are your best defense to these types of exploits. Regular backups of your site can mean the difference between hundreds of dollars and thousands of dollars in recovering from a catastrophic attack. Preventative Maintenance + Backups = Long term viability of your website.

How do I submit a support ticket?

There are multiple ways!

  1. The most simple is by creating a new email with instructions/changes needed and sending it to Please note that attachments CAN be added to the email – but the system is limited to 15 MB. If you need to send something larger than 15 MB – please do so by sending it to our dropbox account ( or by using
  2. Through the Support Helpdesk Portal at You can either login to create a ticket under your email address or click on the NEW SUPPORT TICKET button.
  3. Visit or and Chat with us (located in the bottom right-hand corner) between the hours of 9am and 6pm EST.
  4. Give us a call at 704-321-2251 and speak with a support rep who will create a ticket for you.

How can I view all my support tickets that I have sent?

Our support portal allows you to log in and view tickets that you have submitted, along with tickets that have been resolved or closed. Visit and login with your email address that you have used for prior tickets. If you are unsure of your password, you can initiate a password reminder from the landing page. Once logged in, you will be able to view tickets that have been submitted using that email address. You can also initiate new tickets, and review a client FAQ.

If your company has multiple people submitting tickets and you would like to view all company tickets, please contact us and we will help facilitate that for you. This can be helpful if you need to monitor all tickets, or are reviewing who submitted what when.

How big of a file can I send you for my website?

Our ticket system has a 15mb limit for attachments. If you are sending very large files, or multiple files that total more than 15mb, you can send us files through Dropbox or through Hightail. Both allow for free accounts that you can then share files with

My website looks odd on my device or in my browser. How can I send you a screenshot of what I am seeing?

Sometimes, it is hard to describe exactly what you, our client, is seeing or experiencing, especially when troubleshooting. There is a nifty utility called Jing ( which allows you to take a short 5-minute video or easily take a screenshot and send it to us. We even wrote a blog post about it – If you would prefer having one-on-one, we can connect up to your computer using – they have a free screen sharing solution.

For mobile devices, here are a couple of ways:


If You’re Running Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) and Above

If you have a shiny new phone with Ice Cream Sandwich or above, screenshots are built right into your phone! Just press the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time, hold them for a second, and your phone will take a screenshot. It’ll show up in your Gallery app for you to share with whomever you wish!

If You’re Running Android 2.3 and Below

Unfortunately, Android 2.3 and below doesn’t have screenshotting built-in. However, some devices (like many Samsung phones) do have these features, but it varies from phone to phone. for example, on many Samsung phones, you can press the Home and Power buttons at the same time to take a screenshot. Google around to see if your own phone has a built-in shortcut

– from


Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on the top of your iPhone, then immediately press and release the Home button.

The screenshot is added to the Camera Roll in the Photos app.

Iphone Screen Shot of Mobile Friendly website

– from

I am not happy with my service, who can I talk to about my issues?

We are sorry to hear that you are unsatisfied with the customer service you are receiving. Should you have any complaints or concerns that you would like to discuss, please reach out to Amanda Brenes, our Customer Experience Manager. She would be happy to review your account and discuss any concerns you are having and help resolve them. She can be reached at 704-321-2251, ext. 1002 or by emailing

Is my site being backed up?

If you are hosted with us – your website and any databases are being backed up daily and we have up to 30 days of backups.

If you do not host with us, you will need to check with your hosting provider. We recommend that your sites and any databases be backed up on at LEAST a weekly backup. If you would like us to check with your host and/or setup automatic backup for you, we would be happy to do this for you – just submit a ticket to

Do I always have to contact you to make changes on my site or can I make changes on my own?

If you have a Content Management System in place, like WordPress (what we recommend), Joomla or Drupal, etc., you should be able to make minor edits like content and image changes.

If you have a CMS, we would be happy to do a brief virtual training session (15-30 minutes) to show you how to make changes to common areas on your website. Please email us at or call us at 704-321-2251 to schedule a virtual training session.

If you do not have a CMS in place, we recommend converting your current website to WordPress. We can get you a quote on what it would take to do so, just call or email for a quote!

Can your team provide tutorials or training sessions?

Absolutely! It is considered billable time against your account, but we would be happy to arrange a call for a training session or create a few short video tutorials to show you how to make specific changes to your site.

Can I call people or is it just email?

There are multiple ways to contact someone in support. Between 9am and 6pm EST, we are available by phone (877-321-2251 or 704-321-2251) or by chat ( or through our main website, in the bottom right-hand corner). In some cases, we can arrange for a call after hours, but we will need enough time in advance to schedule the call with a support rep.

I am not using the hours on my account, can I downgrade my plan and keep the hours I have already paid for?

Certainly! The smallest monthly plan we have is 1-hour/month. You can downgrade or upgrade at any time without losing banked hours.

How many hours do I have?

Feel free to contact us at or or give us a call at 704-321-2251 to request your balance at any time. We can even send you a spreadsheet with the breakdown of time used on your account!

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