Parker Web Is a Miva Business Partner

At Parker Web, We Manage the E-Commerce Platforms Used by the Businesses We Serve.

An e-commerce site powered by Miva provides everything a small or mid-sized company needs to sell merchandise and services, whether wholesale or retail, online. Trusted brands rely on Miva. By combining the power of Miva with Parker Web, you have set the stage for measurable success.

Parker Web supplies Miva’s Tier 1 Support.

We have outstanding Miva-certified web developers on staff.

Parker Web is a Miva Agency Partner, which means we’re perfectly placed to support your Miva system – and other website maintenance needs surrounding your e-commerce platform.

Get Started

Questions? Call us at 877-321-2251 and let’s get your website maintenance needs under control. We’re here to help!

Our goal is to make sure you never worry about your website again.

Here are few reasons you may need our support:

Looking to keep track of solid data, to make accurate comparisons and optimize your marketing.

In need of a backup developer who can support your e-commerce site as you launch new products.

Hitting a snag with your e-commerce site and need a fix so your business can move full-speed ahead.

With Parker Web, you have a technical staffing arm to count on. We handle your orders quickly, efficiently, and expertly. Whether the order is complex or basic, our clients praise the traffic improvements Parker Web helps them obtain, and the ease with which things get done online.

Our developers have years of experience in their craft.

Each of our experts takes a serious, accountable approach to the sites they support. Their careful follow-through reflects a key understanding: We look good when our clients do. We pride ourselves on forging lasting relationships.

Our team offers a range and custom blend of support roles. Parker Web can:

  • Update or migrate your Miva Merchant website.
  • Help you integrate your existing modules to make things work for your business and its clients.
  • Show you a visitor’s complete journey on your site and recommend updates to support conversion.
  • Solve shopping cart issues that could compromise your customer service.
  • Work out bugs or problems alerted by customer feedback.
  • Create surveys that indicate actionable ways to improve the customer experience.
  • Test out changes you’d like to make, examining their impact on conversion rates.
  • Scale up, expand, and explore new channels as your business grows.
  • Speed up your site.
  • Learn best practices for employing Miva’s tools to grow a loyal client base.

And if you need no more than a few hours of tune-ups and support each month, Parker Web will fit your needs in a cost-effective, time-efficient way.

For clients using Miva Merchant, Parker Web provides a 2-business-day turnaround for support requests of 2 hours or less, with the level of customer service you’ve been looking for.

Redesign Services

Looking to redesign your Miva site?

Parker Web can redesign your Miva website for version upgrades or just a new look and feel. Our design team works virtually with you to develop a direction, establish design criteria, and capture your organization’s marketing and operational goals. The process starts with a no obligation online redesign meeting to discuss your project and provide you with a quote. Please contact us to set up a meeting time.

Parker Web’s Miva Certified Developers Offer a Complete Portfolio of Website Support. We’re Right Where You Need Us, Every Time.

About Miva

Miva excels in transaction and inventory management. Miva drives $100 billion in online sales around the world, to empower independent sellers and “put countless merchants in control of their own destiny.”

Miva’s e-commerce strength is an asset for the businesses that insist on a dependable, user-friendly customer experience. Nothing less than that will keep a company thriving in unpredictable times.

Miva is always at the leading edge with new features, frequently rolling out upgrades.

Parker Web can optimize those updates on behalf of your business, so you and your team can focus on other things.

How Will Regular Maintenance Make Your E-Commerce Site Better?

As a Miva Merchant, you’re familiar with ease of use when adding new items to your site, deleting others, and editing the details. You also know how well the Miva platform supports SEO and the visitor experience.

Ongoing attention to your Miva site can heighten its performance. This might include optimizing:

  • The size and loading speed of graphics and images
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Compression
  • JavaScript performance
  • Identification of any bottlenecks in your website’s code
  • Reconfiguration of the time span for cached visuals to expire on site visitors’ browsers
  • Removal of timed-out data and unused processes
  • Checkups for pages linked to 404-error pages on your website
  • The use of add-ons to replace plug-ins, for retention of the SEO value and the searchability of your existing links

It’s Always Time to Give Your Online Clients the Best-in-Class Experience They Expect from Your Business.

Are You Ready? Let’s Get Started.

Our team of experts is ready when you are to help your online business succeed. Parker Web provides a robust protocol for strategically maintaining the health and customer appeal of your Miva site, to keep your Miva carts rolling along without a bump.

Ready for us to put our technique to work for you immediately? We’re here. To experience the difference Parker Web can make for you, just send us your details in the form below, and we’ll get in touch with you right away.

A live person for phone and live chat support are available
Monday-Friday, 9:00am – 6:00pm EST.

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