Using TechSmith’s Jing® for Website Maintenance

A common challenge for our website owners is clearly conveying the tasks they want us to do. Delegation requires clarity if the specific outcome you desire is to be achieved. This is why I love using TechSmith’s Jing® for my internal website maintenance and recommend it to clients.

Jing is a tool that allows to quickly capture screenshots and videos of your desktop and make them available for sharing. In addition, you have the capability of marking up screenshots prior to saving them. The videos allow you to speak while you are recording the video to explain the particular thing the viewer should be seeing in the video. Let me give you a few examples of how to successfully use Jing® for website maintenance.

This morning, I noticed that although we have comments turned off on our blog posts for reasons that are a separate discussion, the “Comments” link is still showing up on the blog summary page. This particular request could go either way (text or screenshot) depending on how articulate you are in explaining where the issue is being seen and specifically what you want to remove, but Jing® adds a visual reference for the developer to see and it makes delegating the task much more efficient. This efficiency leads to reduced time in the back and forth in making a final change request and ultimately gets us to the succinct and coveted “Done” response we love to give our customers. Here is the screenshot I took followed by the text I sent to support this morning:

TechSmith's Jing being used screen shot a lot like Windows 10 Edge browser

Dear Support,

Can you remove this reference to "Comments" (highlighted in the attached)


That was simple, eh?

Here is a video explaining a task to a customer, but you’ll get the idea where you could explain what you are seeing to your website maintenance provider:

Videos are useful in making a more detailed explanation of a task or even an error you are encountering. You would just send the link to the video over in the ticket and the technician could view it. A sample email for the above:

Hi Support

I need a new user set up in Google Analytics. Here is the video my friend sent me on how to do that. Please set that up for me.


Installing Jing®

Learn more about Jing® here:

Download from that link or here is the link to the direct download page:

Follow the instructions and install Jing® on your computer. Once installed, you’ll have the option to put the Jing® sun on your screen. I find this very useful. It sits on the top of my screen and whenever I need it, I just mouse over it and I can do a screenshot or a video capture.

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