Client Testimonials

Some recent testimonials:

“So far, Parker has been there for us 100% – It is amazing to experience the level of service and attention to detail that Parker provides. It really feels like they have our back – and that’s a great feeling!”
- Jim Anderson – American Metal Roofs

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that I couldn’t be happier with the service we are getting from Parker Web. Amanda is unbelievable to work with – fast, knowledgable, effective and responsive. I am truly glad that we decided to use you for our web maintenance firm.”
- Jennifer, 10 Feb 2014

“First fix….nicely and quickly done! Thanks…think I’m gonna love you guys :)”
- Peter, 20 Jan 2014

“You guys did an amazing job with our website!! I am truly happy that we found your organization! I’m definitely looking forward to a long, productive relationship with you guys!”
- Mekael, 18 Jan 2014

“We love and depend upon our service from Parker. It is like having an additional employee! Thanks guys!”
- Ann, 16 Jan 2014

In early 2013, Parker Web implemented a new survey system that issues an automatic survey upon the resolution of a maintenance request. In the 4th quarter we serviced over 1200 tickets and had a survey response rate of 5.6%. From those survey results, we had a 98% customer satisfaction rating. Each of the unsatisfied responses we took seriously and worked with those clients until we found a satisfactory solution. Here are some testimonials from this survey through December 31, 2013:

“I hate impersonal ticketing systems, especially with that 24 hour response disclaimer, but I was thrilled when you solved my issue in mere minutes. Thank you very much!!”
– Brian, 17 Dec 2013

“I like this system, quick and efficient!”
– Ray, 17 Dec 2013

“I appreciated how quickly you made the change.”
– Jay, 6 Jul 2013

“Super support, really impressed with Parker! New client, glad I am with you!”
– Bob, 5 Dec 2013

“Wow! I am really excited about managing our website with Parker! So far the experience has been great – I submit my updates and changes and then after a day or two I get an email letting me know everything is done – and its done exactly as requested – very cool!”
– Jim, 15 Nov 2013

“Great job, Patty! Thank you, for the timely response, as always. :)”
– Brian, 3 Dec 2013

“I’m so pleased that things are moving along so quickly!”
– Heather, 7 Aug 2013

“Amanda was fantastic in migrating us from our current website vendor provider to our new one in ParkerWeb. She had to jump through some hurdles as my ex-vendor didn’t really help the migration. She provided a class act, professional service in getting things resolved. Thanks for all your help.”
– Matt, 8 Nov 2013

“You got the Blog post published really quickly, thanks!”
– Dylan, 2 Jul 2013

“Patty Greene is always so helpful and solves my issues in a very timely manner.”
– Rob, 24 Oct 2013

“Thank you for your swift and successful support! We really appreciate it!”
– Kaitlyn, 21 Oct 2013

“I am very much happy with your first service. Thank you very much.”
– Hugo, 12 Sep 2013

“I was up tinkering around 1AM last night and submitted a ticket. Never thought I’d actually get a response until the next morning, but got one VERY promptly. That was great! Thanks!”
– Justin, 16 Aug 2013

“This has been my first time for you to do work for me after I found your website by surfing the web. Your web site was quite convincing that you would respond and quickly. You did an excellent job and quickly. I am impressed and glad I found you. Thank you. When next I want things done to my web site I will use your service again. Many thanks.”
– Kelvin, 14 Jun 2013

“Amanda was excellent! Very helpful and explained what was going on and how we could work together to solve my problem. A+!”
– Larry, 24 Apr 2013

“Patty, Thank you for always being so responsive to our needs. Our Web presence is top-of-the-line because of Parker Web Services!”
– Brian, 3 Apr 2013