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Baby Boomers Embrace Online Shopping: Meeting the Digital Needs of a Growing Generation

The rapid growth of online shopping has revolutionized the retail industry, capturing the attention of diverse consumer demographics. One group that has embraced this digital transformation is the Baby Boomer generation. In this blog post, we will explore an article from Miva that sheds light on the increasing trend of Baby Boomers engaging in online […]

Testimonials are Key to Credibility

Testimonials have the highest content marketing effectiveness rating – 89% Unless you’re IBM, Apple, Nike, Google, eBay or another category brand leader, you need to build your credibility by associating your business with the respected third parties with whom you partner or do business. You can have a strong value proposition and compelling calls to […]

Social Websites Get Better Results

Socially interactive websites generate more referral traffic. So much of website maintenance centers on attracting and keeping a steady, growing stream of visitors from your target market going to your website. Your goal is to get them to interact with your brand and generate revenues. Therefore, everything about your offers and calls to action should […]

Website Content Maintenance: Fresh, Frequent & Fashionable

Fresh, relevant website content increases targeted traffic naturally.   Who wants a stale, 3-day old bagel for breakfast when there are fresh ones coming out of the bakery just this morning? Your local café is serving them up with a variety of your favorite toppings – daily, and that’s why you go there. Stop to […]

Web Page Speed for People and Search Engines

  Help more people see your properly displayed website faster. Web page load speed has a major effect on how many visitors actually see and stay on your website. When someone clicks a link to your site they want immediate results. Waiting more than 3 or 4 seconds is too long for many people when […]

Your Call to Action Leads to More $ales

Help your website visitors take the actions you both want. Your key messages to customers need to be strategically placed throughout your website but that alone isn’t enough to generate a return from your website investment. It’s vital that you create clear and simple highlight messages suggesting the actions your website visitors can take to […]