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Website Content Maintenance: Fresh, Frequent & Fashionable

Fresh, relevant website content increases targeted traffic naturally.   Who wants a stale, 3-day old bagel for breakfast when there are fresh ones coming out of the bakery just this morning? Your local café is serving them up with a variety of your favorite toppings – daily, and that’s why you go there. Stop to […]

Website Serviceability is a Key to Growth

  Can your website change at the speed of business?   Making sure your website is easy to update is like greasing the skids at a boatyard: without sufficient lubricant, the boat you want to slide easily into the water will get hung up, and just sit there on dry land waiting for some superior […]

Website Maintenance – Defining the New Services Industry Segment

High performance websites need a maintenance service plan.   Websites are the central hub of communications for most companies. A proprietary website is the only place on the Internet over which you have total control of your message. Only you determine the purpose, function and content of your custom built website. The phrase “online marketing” […]