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Test Blog Post 11-2014


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The End of the Phone Number


Remember when you had a phone plugged into the kitchen wall and a long cord that would reach to the dining room? I remember dialing and listening to the click-click-click as the rotary spun round the number ring. Lots of memories. I spackled over...

Use Passphrases, Not Passwords


The folks over at Trustwave's Spiderlabs announced last week the discovery of more than 2 million sets of credentials for accessing everything from Facebook to email accounts. This find brings up an important reminder that we should not only regularly update our passwords (every...

eCommerce Product Photography


How Important is Good eCommerce Product Photography? We've all seen bad eCommerce product photography.   The pictures are grainy, small, can't be zoomed in on, and often include only one profile view of the product.  Ask any high volume eCommerce seller and they will tell you...

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