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Using Responsible Communications with Creative Clients

Welcome to the Parker Web Partner Show, where we provide creative solutions for creative agencies.


This week, the topic of the show is asking about the responsibility of communication when it comes to creative clients.


00:00 – Introduction and why communication is so important for creative agencies.

01:38 – Developers Desk: Discussion about the introduction of Google Analytical 4 and why it’s important to upload Google Tags Manager first.

06:25 – The Corner Office: Why having a human answering your phones is imperative for client communications and customer service.

18:34 – Roundtable: We speak with special guest Patrick McLean on the responsibilities creative agencies owe their clients when it comes to communications. We also share some of our favorite business apps and programs.

40:08 – Wrap Up: Reviewing everything we covered today.

If you run any type of creative agency (ad agencies, digital marketing agencies, social media agencies, etc.) we would love to hear from you. What are some of the challenges you see in your world?


Links mentioned in the show:

Patrick’s Article – Creative Responsibility Beats Creative Freedom –

Google Analytics –

Google Tag Manager –

Tag Assistant Legacy –

Grasshopper –

Grammarly –

Keynote –

Drobox Paper –

Bear –

Ulysses –


Contact information:

Patrick McLean

Reinforcements, Inc.



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