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What Are The Most Common Errors On A Website?

Spring is a wonderful time to start cleaning your house or office, but don’t neglect your website! Here are some common errors you can look for:

Broken Links

A broken link occurs when a link on a site is not working properly and the user is directed to an error page. This can frustrate users, causing them to leave the site, and can also cause a site to be penalized by search engines. You never want to upset the almighty Google!

Slow Loading Speed

When a website takes too long to load, users are likelier to abandon it and look for an alternative. For example: is your WordPress site using all of its plugins? Removing anything unused and unnecessary will help reduce server response time.

Site Layout

If a website is poorly designed or difficult to navigate, users may find it frustrating and leave the site. Adding too many images and text to a homepage can be confusing to users, and you should focus on creating a user-friendly design that is easy to navigate- especially on mobile!

Outdated Information

Recently changed addresses or updated staff members? Keeping your site up-to-date will help avoid customer confusion and assist with search engine optimization.

Search Functionality

Focus on providing information as efficiently as possible for your users. If a website’s search function is difficult to use or returns irrelevant results, users may have difficulty finding what they need.


Insecure or vulnerable sites can put users’ personal information at risk, and if someone is concerned about a site’s security they will usually leave immediately. Adding an SSL to your site (the padlock in the browser window) is commonplace, but make sure it doesn’t expire! Strong passwords are critical, and regularly updating software and plugins will help keep your site safe.

These are just a few of the most common errors that can occur on a website. It’s important for website owners and developers to regularly check their sites for these issues and address them promptly to provide a better user experience.

Schedule a call with us today if you have any concerns. At Parker Web, we’re constantly monitoring for security breaches and aim to keep our clients safe and secure.

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