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Google Trends is a powerful tool for non-profits

Understanding the volunteer, donor and client base is very important to the long term viability of any non-profit organization. The best time to be paying attention to your volunteers and donors is when they are paying attention to you. Google Trends can help illuminate those...

Use Passphrases, Not Passwords

The folks over at Trustwave's Spiderlabs announced last week the discovery of more than 2 million sets of credentials for accessing everything from Facebook to email accounts. This find brings up an important reminder that we should not only regularly update our passwords (every 6-12...

Website New Design, Redesign or Refresh?

I am often approached and asked to create a new website for a company. My first question is always: "Why?" After we go through the concerns which range from "It sucks" to "It's not making me any money" to "It's broken", I consider these concerns,...

eCommerce Product Photography

How Important is Good eCommerce Product Photography? We've all seen bad eCommerce product photography.   The pictures are grainy, small, can't be zoomed in on, and often include only one profile view of the product.  Ask any high volume eCommerce seller and they will tell you...

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